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Mystic Strings

THE concept of mystic strings has been with me for a while. String, strand, cord, rope, twine, and twist are expressing the idea of individual threads being roped or twisted together to form a stronger unity. Metaphorically, the idea suggests that an individual is part of a community, whether a family; a string of friends; a working professional group; a writer’s group; a sport’s team; a theater group, etc. – the list goes on and on – and this is the concept that interests me.

I do not write about heroes, nor do I write about gritty individuals; I write about humans as they live their lives, with and without each other and further, about the impact of their choices and actions. Every day is a struggle to be the individual you want to be; yet, we all do it, fight for the person we like. And in our fight, we experience love, loss, revenge, and redemption, invariably united with people in our lives that make up our piece of twine and therefore, messing with our sense of individuality.

This is the conflict I like to write about and to me, it is mysterious. Driven by conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious forces, our fight is not ours alone.